Fat Fast day 30 of 90 – How To Kick The Carb Addiction

Fat Fast day 30 of 90 – How To Kick The Carb Addiction I’m a third of the way through the fat fast, YAY!!! Today is a cheat day, for me. Go to the app fatsecret to see what I’m eating. I’ve also joined another weight loss challenge community called Newfound fitness- http://ift.tt/1jFq0JT . Lets all motivate each other for 2014 to get the weight OFF for LIFE. http://ift.tt/KOVmSh

8 thoughts on “Fat Fast day 30 of 90 – How To Kick The Carb Addiction

    • The time is FLYING by it seems, it feels so easy its SCARY. Usually I diet and I’m fighting it tooth and nail. There is something to be said about mental readiness. You have to really be sick and tired of being SICK AND TIRED…

      • You’re absolutely RIGHT! You have to be mentally prepared for it. It has to be the right time. When that time comes, you have to be willing to see yourself through.

        I’m glad that this time things are going better for you and that you’re not fighting tooth and nail. I think a lot of it also has to do with how you’re doing it. I know for me, I used to deprive myself in earlier attempts by restricting myself to only lettuce. I was never going to succeed that way. It seems like you have found your method and that’s EXCELLENT! Keep going strong. I’m very proud of you! 😀

      • WOW!! Lettuce only??? I had a friend that would do oranges, now that I know a bit about how the body works. that was the worst way to do it. Her blood sugar was keeping her HUNGRY. She would be crabby as all get out…lol Yes, this way may not work for everyone but it works like gangbusters for me:-)

      • Lmaoo!!! Nooo. I was just saying as in salads and foods I thought were “healthy”, aka unfulfilling. A life of salads isn’t sustainable, but I can’t even begin to imagine what an orange diet must’ve been like. All that acid? Ugh!

        Exactly, your method works for you and that’s the only person it really needs to work for. Same goes for me and what I’m doing. You know? 🙂

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