Fat Fast day 57 of 90 – How To Kick The Carb Addiction

Fat Fast day 57 of 90 – How To Kick The Carb Addiction Day 57,discovering hidden symptoms of gluten senstivity that I wasn’t aware of. My chicken skin is a SYMPTOM, I always wondered why no one else in my family had it. I just assumed I was the mailman’s daughter and tried to get mom to confess. Thanks God, for making my mother a sweet, patient woman with a GREAT sense of humor. YOU ARE AWESOME;-) The chicken skin is on my arms and thighs, it looks like a rash or bumps. If you have it, you know. Its called DERMATITIS HERPERIFORMIS. There were other things that kinda surprised me like the intractable dandruff. Can you imagine all this shampoo being sold for dandruff and the cause could be THIS for many cases! Wow, just wow…I’m posting a link but I read a bunch of different articles, I’ve since lost track(my apologies). Here is a link- http://celiacdisease.about.com/od/glutenintolerance/ss/Nine-Signs-You-May-Have-A-Gluten-Allergy.htm

Get up and shake it, to your favorite tunes! Find a reason to laugh out loud and enjoy yourself. Go out of your way to touch someone, don’t go all day without putting your hands on anyone. We all need one another, even if its just to shake hands. Find a reason to hug someone. The fat fast continues, I’m getting closer to the day 90. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUcxB51_DzE


5 thoughts on “Fat Fast day 57 of 90 – How To Kick The Carb Addiction

    • ..I’m new to drinking coffee I just started for this diet. I’m just going to switch to a more gluten friendly version. Since I’m not used to any particular coffee flavor per se it shouldn’t bother me.

      • Most coffees don’t have gluten, but the flavored kinds can. Coffee Mate is gluten free. Caffeine can irritate people who change diets too.

      • No its not the gluten so much as the mycotoxins in coffee. I’m trying to avoid all of that as well. They give you all kinds of crazy symptoms that you just think are ‘YOUR BODY” but really its your body reacting to THAT.

  1. I’m not going to complain too much about my chicken skin because I just googled it. OMG, it looks HORRIBLE. Mine has never looked like THIS. These have gotta be the worst cases EVER!!! YIKES!!

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