Doctor’s Orders

 I’m just coming back from my doctor and she just took the stream out of my engine (kicking rocks).  She wants to test me for celiac disease,  which isn’t a bad thing because I have loads of symptoms.  But she wants me to get off my diet for a week!!!!! NoOoooOooooo!!!! I  have a good mind to have the test done once the 30 days is over.  She asked me to eat not only wheat but lots Imageof wheat for a week,  then come in for all the test. I  have a few other tests as well.  Maybe she won’t notice me stalling for 30 days,  avoiding her calls…..


11 thoughts on “Doctor’s Orders

  1. This is one of my favorite pictures of MY MOM I’ve cropped it but I’m sitting on the beach with her . She is 35 years old in this picture!!!!! She is so amazingly beautiful in more than one way. Thanx God 🙂

  2. I’m sorry to hear that. I would probably avoid the test as well, but use the time until the tests to research recipes and meals that will fit into your new lifestyle. Also, I’d be using that time to brace myself mentally for the increase in weight that I’d be sure to experience. I know that this test couldn’t have come at a worse time for you, but that’s okay. I think you’re more than capable of getting through it relatively unscratched. If all else fails, you can always return to your current lifestyle or a modified version. I wish you the best and I hope everything turns out well! 🙂

    • I know its just a week of eating the wheat for the test but, I’m in the middle of this. She said I can go back after the test. She joked it can be the 95 or 97 day challenge. lol

    • I’m thinking to keep going, its so are to get motivated and the mindset. I hate to lose THAT, Its hard to get it back once its gone, ya know…Those carbs might as well be crack cocaine. That week can turn into a month long BINGE easily. I need BIGGEST LOSER DRIVE:-p

  3. Just call her and tell her that you will do it next month. She won’t be mad. But it is super important to actually do it if it’s a possibility. It’s a hard diet to have but not impossible (and by default it’s kinda healthy). I also think you should use the month to research. Even if it’s not celiac, it could be a sensitivity or delayed allergic reaction.

  4. If you can try and postpone the test that would be good. But if not it is important that you eat wheat before the test other wise it wont prove anyhing. It sucks but thats how it is

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