Fat Fast day 78 of 90 – How To Kick The Carb Addiction

Fat Fast day 78 of 90 – How To Kick The Carb Addiction Day 78, woke up to more snow!!! Thank goodness I have some adipose hanging around because my heat just went out 8-/ So, I’m now waiting on the guy to come fix it. The fat fast continues. I was wondering at what age did you start dieting or worrying about your weight? As a teen I LIVED on twizzlers, Dr.Pepper, beef jerky, cookies and Captain Crunch. I envied my curvy friends because I looked like a 12 year old boy standing next to them. What was sad is we’d have the nerve to wear the SAME MATCHING OUTFITS. Friends ya gotta love em:-p We gotta do that again for giggles wear matching outfits. Maybe for Halloween we can all go as the Rockettes:-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=158GEY-wTZs

3 thoughts on “Fat Fast day 78 of 90 – How To Kick The Carb Addiction

  1. Wow, see!!! But I used to walk forever back then, ran cross-country, played soccer and was in every club under the sun. My parents would refuse to pick me up from practice because we lived 3 miles from school. So I would finish up at practice then run or walk the 3 miles home. lol (They called that little move character building…)

  2. They always knew where I was after practice, at home taking a NAP (after all that trekking around). I was worn out!!! I’d come home take a nap then get up and do my homework..lol My parents were old school like a champ. NOPE, my mom wasn’t at work, she was at home with a perfectly good car parked in the garage.While dad was at work with his car. They just didn’t see the point. That’s probably what we need to be doing with the kids now days too. Childhood obesity would probably go down for sure:-)

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