Must Watch Motivational Video!

THIS gave me goosbumps!! Thanks you:-)


Would you give your jacket to Johannes? SOS Children’s Villages Norway [OFFICIAL]

This video made me tear up, I’m such a softy!!!! I love EVERYBODY:-) HUGS!!!!

SOS Children’s Villages performed an experiment in Norway. An 11 year old boy was placed outside without a coat. Would strangers help him out? They want to make it clear the boy was never in any danger during filming.

Doctor’s Orders

 I’m just coming back from my doctor and she just took the stream out of my engine (kicking rocks).  She wants to test me for celiac disease,  which isn’t a bad thing because I have loads of symptoms.  But she wants me to get off my diet for a week!!!!! NoOoooOooooo!!!! I  have a good mind to have the test done once the 30 days is over.  She asked me to eat not only wheat but lots Imageof wheat for a week,  then come in for all the test. I  have a few other tests as well.  Maybe she won’t notice me stalling for 30 days,  avoiding her calls…..

Please share to show my pupils how far a photo can go (even if you don’t want it to!)

I’m IN!!!!

Not about everything

Sharing this, because it seems an interesting lesson.

I am teaching E-safety to my pupils at the moment and wanted to try a little experiment. Please share this photo and see how far it gets, I want to show my students how easily photos etc can go viral, even when you may not want them to. Share it and see how far it goes!


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Ughhh….craving chocolate….



I’m having chocolate cravings. So, I took a mvi (multi-vitamin) and 2 niacin its usually AWESOME with carb cravings. Wish me luck because this one is HUGE. lol I’m going to take a bath, brush my teeth, wash my hair. That way there is no way I’ll leave the house to go get ANY chocolate. Aside from that, today was a fabulous day. I’ll let ya know how tonight turns out.